15th Annual


Wilmington’s Premier Restaurateurs Invite You…


   Wilmington’s fine dining scene is marked by a distinguishing characteristic: It is dominated by owner-operators. In other words, there is not a chain restaurant in the bunch.
    So each spring, when those restaurateurs team up to present City Restaurant Week, they view it as a personal invitation. It’s the equivalent of your neighbor inviting you for dinner.

    With fifteen of Wilmington's finest restaurants to select from, offering everything from Thai to Chilean to Italian, you get to sample the creative cuisine of these fine dining spots with prix-fixe prices of $15 for lunch and $35 for dinner (plus gratuity).
    “CRW is the great reminder of what a wonderful, interesting, eclectic city Wilmington is,” says Beth Ross, co-owner of Domaine Hudson. “CRW is not just about experiencing what the city has to offer for a discounted price, but reminding everyone of just what Wilmington is about.”


   This year’s City Restaurant Week will begin Monday, April 8, and continue through Saturday, April 13. For an overview of the restaurants participating, see About the Restaurants.



Reservations strongly suggested.